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Water Therapy

Trauma sensitive ~ Emotional and nervous system regulation ~ Deep Rest and relaxation

I dive into a river named Freedom

leaving a tangled tuber on its lip.

Sinking slowly,

surrounded by specks of golden, flickering light.

The joints forget their limitations,

the limbs learn new movements. 

Everything that was pain is falling apart

into vibrating particles

made for pleasure. 

I inhale deeply. 

The laws of nature are being reformulated. 

Exhaling and remembering what I once knew: 

Breathing water is possible. 


"To Breathe Water", Inbar Shifroni


I'm Shahar. A certified water therapist, specialized in body oriented emotional and trauma work in the water.


Fields of expertise

Somatic Experiencing®

SE™ is an approach to trauma therapy and healing developed in the United States by Peter Levine. Trauma is a normal response to abnormal events. Through gentle techniques based on mindfulness of sensations, emotions, images, and memories, physical release of tension remaining in the body from the traumatic event is facilitated, thereby restoring the nervous system to a regulated and balanced state.

Body-Mind Centering

BMC is a therapeutic field developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the early 1970s. According to this approach, through consciousness, it is possible to awaken physical awareness in all tissues of the body. The developing awareness "awakens" the tissues, allowing for balanced and optimal use of the body, supporting the identification of patterns and shedding light on the connection between thoughts and emotions to bodily expressions.

Fluid Presence™

Fluid Presence™ was developed in the US by the worldwide known water therapist and teacher Shantam Lanz. Fluid Presence is an integrative, holistic warm-water therapy and land-based approach to awakening and living from our intrinsic wholeness.

Shahar’s water treatments gave me a rare opportunity to connect with my body and get to know it through the dimension of water. Shahar came attentive and slowly we discovered together the process that my body needed. In this case it was recconection and reaquaintance after decades of detachment. The feeling was that Shahar’s comprehensive knowledge, whether if physiological, meditative background or the constant presence of attentivenes during the session and the body-mind connection approach, provide a broad and very liberating
ground to the process.
Finally, after such a long time, I slept well, I had a quality sleep, and peaceful, and at 5 am I woke up already full of energy. Thank you for the treatment, thank you for the ability to contain the complexity I came with, and especially thank you for the ability to
direct all of this to the right and useful places. Good things happen in the water.
About a year ago, I realized I needed something to calm me down. A space that was just for me. Someone who could contain me and support me in making important decisions I was facing. I met Shahar, who understood exactly what I need in each meeting without judgment and with so much love. Since then, with Shahar's help and the enabling waters, everything looks and feels different. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking their own space or wants to go through a journey in the water with great sensitivity and containment.
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